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Conducting inspections and building consulting for residential & commercial properties.

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We perform Professional Engineering Inspections and consulting services on time at the time you schedule.


Arnold Investigative Engineering provides property owners and legal counsel factual reporting of claims supported by deposition and trial testimony when necessary. Our legal testimony and depositions have not been successfully challenged or disallowed in a court of law.


Arnold Investigative Engineering has extensive experience investigating insurance losses and providing timely and cost effective reporting of claims. Our primary focus is accurate non-biased reporting of factual information leading to conclusions for the insurance industry.


Building Structure – By hiring Arnold Investigative Engineering for your inspection needs, you the prospective Property Owner or Realtor gain the advantage of a licensed professional engineer with over 25 years of inspection and construction experience.  We conduct  complete property inspections as well as structural engineering inspections on new and resale structures.



Construction Inspection

We check and inform clients of cost and quality of construction including inspection of foundation, frame inspection and inspection of construction completion.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

We provide clients with details of the conditions of a property for Pre-Purchase consideration.


Physical Condition Inspections

This inspection type involves assessment of the foundation, roof and conditions of structure.


Foundation Inspection

Provide an estimation of the condition and need for repair of base foundation’s strength and reliability.


Consulting Services

Arnold Investigative Engineering provides a wide range of consulting services including Legal and Insurance inspections.


Residential & Commercial

We conduct timely and cost effective inspections of single, multi-family and commercial structures, including industrial buildings of any type and size.

“I hired Marc as a construction specialist and consultant to keep the builder on track. Marc was incredibly versatile, knowledgeable of the building codes, and recommended the materials to be used. Without his support, my home would not have been recovered or built to the quality it is today.”
“I have worked with Marc forever. When I need an engineer, I call Marc first. I have put him on live at a trial, and we won. Jurors like him.”
Attorney at Law
When Marc inspects a house, you can tell that he is focused on the task at hand, but he will take the time to stop and answer any questions you have. His written reports are easy to interpret and extremely thorough.
Your services helped me with getting my builder to do the major repairs outlined your inspection report. I consider your service as money very well spent. There was no way I would have identified the workmanship problems you discovered and addressed in your report.

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