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Tips to Filing a Roof Repair or Replacement Insurance Claim

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It’s troubling and stressful to find out that your roof requires repairing or replacing, especially after a storm. Making follow-ups with insurance adjusters, professional roofing contractors, and mortgage companies is quite a daunting task. To successfully handle your insurance claims, here are four important steps you need to follow: Find out what your insurance policy covers For this, you need to contact your insurance provider. Some types of policies may take into account the age of your roof at the time of damage. For instance, if your roof is just a few years old, you may be covered for the […]

4 Common Situations You’ll Need an Expert Investigative Engineer

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Do you really need investigative engineering services for your claims? Well, investigative engineering cannot only help you settle those claims, but also assist you in establishing coverage and setting reserves quickly and equitably. The findings from these investigations are useful for: Preventing repetition of claims by identifying the source of fraud and systematic issue Speeding the resolution of a claim by validating the events leading to a particular loss Identifying which insurer is responsible and which policy will cover the loss And, improving the underwriting process in case of specialized risks. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we are experts and experienced […]

Understanding Your Property Claim Estimate

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If your home or business has been damaged, you will most likely feel overwhelmed by the huge loss and the overall recovery process that awaits you. If your property was insured, then utilizing the insurance policy is the best way to recover your losses. If it is your first experience with a huge insurance claim, don’t worry because insurance policies are basically business negotiations. Even though you may be unfamiliar with the insurance policies in general, there are rules and laws that will protect you and help you negotiate and recover the benefits that you are entitled to.   Why […]

Building Inspection Services? Your Search Ends Here!

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Whether you are buying, building, or just renovating your home or business premise, an inspection is always crucial to ensure you have quality results through the process. But what exactly is a building inspection? About building inspections A building inspection is an assessment that checks for defects in a property, either during construction, before buying a home, or after a renovation. This inspection basically provides an accurate overview of your building. A typical building inspection will reveal any significant defects such as foundation movements, rising damp, structural cracking, drainage problems, structural deformation, material decay, inadequate ventilation, substandard work, flashings, spouting, […]
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Deposition Testimonies: All You Need to Know

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The society we live in is blame-based and litigious in nature. At least one point in your life, you will be called upon to vividly provide your testimony on a given set of facts at a deposition. Nonetheless, a lot of people, especially property owners, are not even aware of what a deposition is and why they are necessary for the litigation process. Here are frequently asked questions on depositions with their comprehensive answers:   What is a deposition testimony? A deposition testimony is a legal procedure that allows the parties involved in a lawsuit to fish out any facts […]

4 Ways Engineering Consulting Services Can Save Your Building Project

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The preliminary requirement for building or conceptualizing anything is engineering. Nonetheless, the engineering skill has become a scarce commodity in many companies nowadays. If you are thinking of starting any type of building project, ensure that you find professional engineering consulting services that will not only provide you with top-quality services, but also ensure that your project is a success. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, our clients’ satisfaction is always our number one priority. Before addressing your issue, our expert consultants will always take a thorough look at your project, understand the dynamics, and offer comprehensive consultations that will ensure success. […]

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

Did you know that a typical homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage? Shocking, isn’t it? It will only cover minor damages from rain; but if your house is filled with water, you are on your own. Even though certain areas are prone to flooding than others, this natural disaster can happen anywhere. According to Floodsmart.gov, floods is rated as the number one natural disaster in the country. Just a few inches of water will cause severe damage to your home. With that said, are you prepared? Apart from just preparing your home for such a disaster and having a […]

Is New Construction Inspection Necessary?

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It is usually recommended that a building is inspected at its stages of the construction. This will give you, the owner, an assurance that everything is fine all through the process. And, if by any chance there is an issue regarding the construction, it can be rectified as soon as possible. New construction inspection is necessary especially with the fact that many builders are usually sub-contractors. One time they do a good job, another time they fail to deliver. There are three opportunities available during the building process that are recommended to have a professional inspector examine and report on […]

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Building Consultancy Company

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If you are buying a house, a building inspection could reveal a lot of problems that you would never have noticed. A thorough inspection will require the seller to repair the damages before you make a purchase. Moreover, an inspection can also change your mind about buying a house. If you are a seller, then a building inspection will help you find and fix the hidden problems of your house before putting it on the market for sale. The prior inspection and follow-up repairs will increase the market value of your property and will help you avoid wrangling over the […]

Noticed Some Problems on Your Foundation? Hire an Expert Foundation Inspector

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Crack in a foundation? If you own a building, whether residential or commercial, then you definitely understand the importance of a general building inspection and value appraisal before making any purchase. This is a great way of ensuring that your investment is protected. Unfortunately, a lot of building owners rarely have continued follow-up inspection services on their properties. Regular building inspection services will enable you to know the potential problems on your building before they cause more expensive repairs.  The foundation of a building is arguably the most important component; it is the structure that holds the whole building in […]