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Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Building Safe

Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Building Safe

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How safe is your building? Whether you’re a building owner with one or more tenants, a business owner in charge of your employees, or just a homeowner with a family and frequent guests, it is crucial that building safety is number one on your priority list. Failure to ensure building safety will make the occupants and visitors of your building hold you liable for any injuries that occur on your premises. With a proper plan and regular maintenance, you can be sure that you have done everything possible to prevent any kind of injury, and everybody using your building is […]
Importance of Building Permits

Understanding the Importance of Building Permits

Often, we’ll hear the question, “Do I need a building permit for this?” This is indeed a great question, whose answer varies from one state to another. People usually ask the question because they are concerned on whether the improvements they’re intending to make on their homes will increase their property taxes. This is not the case! Property taxes are usually based on the aggregate assessment of an area using real estate values. This means that unless every household in your neighborhood does something that would dramatically raise the value of homes, a simple home renovation cannot have significant impact […]
Construction Project

How Inspection Can Save Your Construction Project

Once your project moves from permitting and siting into construction, you will still have to satisfy a gamut of local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Construction projects usually involve the co-ordination of a great number people, components, and materials. Construction compliance poses a major challenge in the building industry. The number and reach of relevant construction regulations is quite extensive, covering fields as diverse as health and safety of construction workers, the legality of construction contracts, and the efficacy of building materials and products. Regular inspections are a vital part of the construction process because they ensure the work in […]
Real Estate Investment for Sale

Thinking of a Real Estate Investment? Here’s Why You Need a Certified Inspector

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Investing in real estate will require sound judgment which includes asking for the opinions of expert and experienced inspectors before you commit yourself to buying. Without a certified inspection, you can easily overlook critical issues with the property you intend to buy. Let’s look at top reasons why hiring certified inspection services is a critical first step to ensuring the viability of your real estate investment: Ensures building code compliance A thorough and certified inspection will include an environment site assessment, safety and health inspection, as well as ensuring your new building is up to par with municipal, federal and […]

Can You Sell a Home that Has Code Violations?

Code enforcement is usually adopted by communities to preserve the cleanliness, safety, and the property values of their municipality. The violation of these building codes can range from serious things such as breaching the construction standards to minor things like broken fire alarms. Often, code violations are taken care of before a house is sold, and the buyer is never aware of them. Code enforcements change all the time, a house may be code-compliant when you buy it; but over the years, it may lag behind the ever-changing building standards. Unless there is a safety issue, many homeowners do not […]
Home Pest Inspection

Home Pest Inspection FAQs

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Buying or selling a house is an exciting, stressful, and some may even call it a painful process. Both the seller and buyer have a lot of things to think about. One of the major problems that a house may have is pest infestation. Pest issues can make or break a sale. You wouldn’t want to buy a home that is infested with termites, bed bugs, carpenter ants, mice, or spiders, would you? And if you are a seller, selling a pest-infested home will make the already tedious task even more difficult. To answer your pest inspection questions, here is […]

Understanding the Property Damage Estimation Process

Whether you’ve had an insurance appraisal clause invoked on you or you’ve invoked the appraisal clause, you cannot afford to hire an inexperienced property damage appraiser. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, property damage estimation is what we do. We are highly knowledgeable in appraisal practices and are always available to represent the facts of loss on your behalf if need be. Not only are we educated in the property appraisal process, but we’re also qualified to review the differences between the two parties. We are equipped with state-of-the-art estimating software and tools as well as a fully dedicated team to come […]

What is Inspected During a Mechanical Home Inspection?

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A mechanical home inspection is a detailed report of all the mechanical systems of your home. It involves inspection of the heating system, air conditioning unit, plumbing system, electrical system, as well as the home appliances. Heating system Unlike your car that you use daily, your heating system can sit for months without use. You wouldn’t trust a car that has stayed for months without being used, would you? The same goes to your heating system at home. A lot of things could arise within those months. That’s why a home inspection is necessary. Our professional inspectors at Arnold Investigative […]
Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing Issues During Home Inspections

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When buying a house – whether old or new – you should always have your drainage system examined before you make any kind of decision. Homeowners who have never had their plumbing system inspected should also do so as a preventative and diagnostic measure. Unlike landscaping, plumbing is not for cosmetic purposes. You can live with dull-colored wallpapers in your living room, but you can never live with a toilet that can’t flush. If your home has leaking pipes, clogged drains, any other kind of drainage problem, it should be addressed as soon as possible. A minor plumbing problem can […]

Home Electrical Inspection Checklist

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What is electricity? It is a form of energy that is generated or occurs naturally to produce the movement of electrons. The electrical system of any building contains that most potential safety hazard to occupants. Therefore, you should never attempt to fix a faulty electrical circuit. Leave it to the professionals! An electrical home inspection is not only important for the safety of your home, but also helps in saving energy and reducing utility costs. Moreover, it will help you recognize the common electrical mistakes made by previous DIY homeowners or contractors. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we recommend electrical inspections […]