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Home Insurance Defender

Why You Need a Good Home Insurance Defender

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When you spend years paying into an insurance policy that protects your property against loss, it can be quite frustrating to have to fight for an insurance claim. One thing that you should understand about insurance companies is that they are businesses like any other. They are out there to make profits while minimizing costs and losses. This means paying the policy holders as little as possible. Sometimes, as a policy holder, you may feel that you are not fairly compensated for the loss of your property – and fighting the insurance company may seem like a daunting task. This […]

What You Need to Know About Engineering Consultation

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For a guaranteed quality establishment, one cannot simply rely on a simple suggestion made by his peers. It is always better to trust in the words of a person who knows what he says and what he does. Look for someone who is licensed to come up with technical suggestions in property building. When it comes to professional service that has a superb quality, choose to have a legitimate engineering consultation. Engineering consultation provides a professional, well-planned, and guaranteed service to government and other realty departments. Expertise in engineering and science are carefully provided in this situation. Engineering consulting can […]

Falling Objects? Stay Covered with These Tips

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The eyes of the workers are the greatest tools of injury prevention. Employees can easily spot and raise concerns over safety hazards at the workplace. This will significantly reduce injuries. Nonetheless, each and every year workers are injured by one hazard that they cannot see, falling objects. Falling objects are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. Here are six effective ways that the employer or management can help to mitigate the injury and risk associated with falling objects: Providing protective gear Anyone working in an area with potential risks of falling objects needs to wear appropriate gears such […]
Home Inspection Liabilities

Are Inspectors Liable for Missing a Major Defect During a Home Inspection? 

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You’ve finally found your dream home – it’s perfect. There’s just one little obstacle before sealing the deal, and that’s the inspection. Both the buyer and the seller hope for a clean inspection report with no major issues. But what if both of you successfully make it through the inspection and sign the sale contract, and then a few weeks down the line you find a major problem with your home. It could be a faulty foundation, or a termite infestation, or even weak structural conditions that the home inspector did not catch. Is your home inspector liable? How can you protect yourself in such cases? Legal […]