Common Types of Inspections for Your Retail and Office

3 Common Types of Inspections for Your Retail and Office Buildings

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Investing in a commercial property is one of the biggest steps when starting a business venture. While you may feel pressurized to fast-track the deal and acquire the property, taking time to hire the services of an experienced inspector can save you significant amount of money as well as headaches down the road.

It is your right to be as informed as possible about the commercial property you are investing in. A commercial building inspection is the only way to know whether the property you are buying or leasing is worth your money and time. Ensure that you don’t enter into a sale agreement that you may regret later.

As a business owner, you may not have the technical and professional skills to get the complete picture of a commercial property. However, a certified inspector will know what to look for and help you make an informed decision. They will tell you the true condition of the building as well as any features that the seller may not have mentioned. Plus, you’ll get a comprehensive report of the inspection with recommendations of repairs or replacements.

Here are the different types of inspections available for commercial buildings:

  1. Pre-Purchase Commercial Inspections

From the condition of existing equipment to the square footage of the property, there are so many components to be inspected in a commercial building. Because purchasing a commercial property is a significant investment, business owners often seek assurances that a building meets their exact needs before signing the sale contract. To this end, a commercial building inspection can be of great help to potential commercial property owners. With the inspection, they will make an informed decision on whether or not to buy a building.

  1. Pre/Post-Lease Inspections

Both business owners and tenants can utilize this type of commercial building inspection. Often, long-term lease holders are responsible for undertaking regular building maintenance, and a thorough inspection will make sure that all terms are met. Moreover, landlords may use this type of inspection when preparing for new tenants.

  1. Troubleshooting/Investigative Inspections 

Some commercial buildings can pose a real challenge to business owners. For example, electrical and drainage problems may prove to be a nightmare at your business premises. An inspector will help diagnose the issue at hand and offer workable solutions that will help the business owner get the most out of their property.

Even though you will spend some amount of money on a commercial building inspection, you can be absolutely sure that you will get value for your money. You will be safe from future disappointments and your business will be free from disruptions; hence, more productive. Nonetheless, you have to find a good commercial building inspector for your property. The right inspector for the job is certified, has the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to uncover every little problem with a commercial building.

It is recommended that you do not hire a residential building inspector because he/she may not be very conversant with commercial premises. Ensure that you hire somebody with past commercial building inspection experience. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we have a dedicated team of commercial building inspectors who are always ready to serve you. Contact us today for exceptional inspections!



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