4 Common Situations You’ll Need an Expert Investigative Engineer


Do you really need investigative engineering services for your claims? Well, investigative engineering cannot only help you settle those claims, but also assist you in establishing coverage and setting reserves quickly and equitably.

The findings from these investigations are useful for:

  • Preventing repetition of claims by identifying the source of fraud and systematic issue
  • Speeding the resolution of a claim by validating the events leading to a particular loss
  • Identifying which insurer is responsible and which policy will cover the loss
  • And, improving the underwriting process in case of specialized risks.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we are experts and experienced professionals who are always available for consultations with attorneys and ready to conduct case analysis through site visits. We also act as expert witnesses in the court of law and provide factual depositions.

Here are some common situations where you’ll need expert investigative engineering services:


  1. When you are suspicious about the nature of an incident

We all would love to give each and every person we work with the benefit of doubt. But in cases where you are faced with losses, you may not be so trusting. If a claim is strongly declined, it is only right that a comprehensive investigation is owed to the insured. Investigative engineering services are the best way of determining the cause of a particular loss.


  1. When a claim involves multiple parties

It is quite common to find a situation in which multiple insurers are involved in a claim. For instance, a fire in a factory that causes huge losses. There could be a number of parties involved in this situation: the insurer of that factory, the insurer of the company that was contracted to test the fire suppression systems, as well as the insurers of the neighboring businesses whose normal operations were affected by the fire.

An investigative engineer can thoroughly look into the issue and reveal which insurer is responsible and which policy will cover the losses.


  1. When a claim involves the failure of equipment, machinery or a specific product 

Even though the claims of the insured party might be valid, a damage or loss might be as a result of improper repairs or poor installations of machinery or equipment by a third party. In such a case, an investigative engineer can help ascertain whether or not a subrogation opportunity is available.


  1. When the opposing party in a case has engaged the services of an investigative engineering firm

It is quite common for information and data collected during an investigation to be interpreted differently by different experts. To get unbiased information on the claims, you too need to hire an investigative engineer and not depend on the other party’s expert. Even though the opinions from both sides may be unbiased, it does not mean that their interpretations of the cause of damage or loss are the same.


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