Most Common Plumbing Problems Homeowners Face

5 of the Most Common Plumbing Problems Homeowners Face

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While some of the most common plumbing problems at home have easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) fixes, others should be left to professionals. A professional plumber has the necessary skills and expertise to make repairs as well as install replacements that will last longer than DIY tasks. Here are some of the common plumbing issues you’ll come across at home:

  1. Flooding and overflowing

If you happen to face this problem, ensure that you shut off the water supply before calling a professional for plumbing repairs. Usually, the main water shutoff valve is located adjacent to the water meter in most homes.

Also, make sure that each and every member of your household knows where the valve is located and how to properly use it in the case of an overflowing emergency. It is also important that you regularly check the valve to ensure its working properly.

  1. Leaky pipes

From corrosion to incorrect installation, there is a wide range of issues that can cause pipe leaks. Leaky pipes waste a lot of water and may also cause contamination of water meant for household use. This could pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Having your plumbing system regularly inspected will help head off serious leaks on your drainage system.

  1. Dripping faucets

At one point or another, you’ve probably had a leaky faucet in your home and ignored it for a while. A dripping faucet will not only waste a lot of water but also a lot of cash on your water bills. To properly fix your dripping faucet, you’ll need a professional to replace the faucet’s washer. Once repaired, ensure that you gently turn on and off the faucets to prevent further damage.

  1. Low water pressure

This problem could be caused by a hidden leak in your drainage system or it could just be time to replace your showerheads. However, these are just two of the many reasons for low water pressure. Seek the services of a professional plumber to inspect and fix the problem.

  1. Broken water heaters

A water heater is one of the most expensive appliances in our homes that break down easily because of constant use. Don’t wait until it needs some plumbing repair; you can ultimately extend its working life by regularly flushing the tank and conducting inspections.

For proper health and sanitation in your home, you need to have a plumbing system that is working efficiently. If your home has any kind of drainage problem, ensure that it is fixed as soon as possible. A plumbing inspection will be the most efficient way of uncovering these problems before they develop into serious nuisances.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we have a team of dedicated and certified engineers who perform thorough home inspections. We have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that your home is safe from any drainage issues. Apart from just your drainage system, our expert engineers will also inspect the structural condition of your home. By hiring our inspection services, you will get value for your money since we will inspect all systems in your home. Contact us today!


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  • August 8, 2019

    That’s a good point that a leaky faucet can waste a lot of water and money over time. I have had a dripping faucet in my bathroom for a few weeks and I wasn’t sure whether or not it was worth it to have it fixed. I will definitely talk to a local professional and have the faucet repaired as soon as I can.

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