Ways Falling Debris Accidents Can Be Prevented

5 Ways Falling Debris Accidents Can Be Prevented

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For those living in cities, construction on high rises is a common thing. Old buildings are continuously torn down and new high rising projects are replacing them. People have become so used to this construction environment that they often walk through construction sites oblivious to the dangers that exist above them. When a falling debris accident occurs, it is the responsibility of the contractor to provide compensation for the injuries attained.

Areas Subject to Falling Debris

For our safety, it is crucial to be aware of places potential of falling debris so that we can avoid them. They include:

  • High rise construction sites
  • The sides of buildings undergoing renovations or repairs
  • Sidewalks beneath scaffolding

Types of debris that may fall from a construction site

New construction projects require a great number of workers, tools, and materials. The items that may fall from these buildings include:

  • Pieces of concrete which may fall if they are not supported properly when being set.
  • Wooden panels or boards used in construction.
  • Glass panels which can cause serious injuries.
  • Tools such as wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers which are not secured properly.

How can falling debris accidents be prevented?

Accidents that result from being hit by a falling debris are considered to be one of the most fatal injuries at a construction site. Measures should be taken to ensure the safety of workers and visitors who use the construction site. Here are some of the most effective preventive methods:

  1. Creating barricades – The barricades will help keep workers out of the danger zones. They can also be used to keep away bystanders and pedestrians from the construction site. This will tremendously reduce the chances of injuries by falling debris.
  2. Marking the construction area with proper signage to alert passersby of potential falling debris – The contractor should put in a lot of effort to warn the bystanders so that he may not be liable if the individuals choose to ignore the warning.
  3. Properly securing tools and other construction items – Most items that fall are usually left loose and workers accidentally bump into them. If they are kept secure, they cannot fall and cause injuries.
  4. Installing nets and other stopgap measures – These will catch falling debris before they hit an unsuspecting victim.
  5. Inspection of the construction standards and equipment – This inspection will oversee all the procedures and materials used in the construction process to ensure that they comply with the necessary plans and specifications. Most importantly, the inspection will ensure compliance with the health and safety standards of workers and passersby. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we are professional new construction inspectors who are always available to offer that helping hand.

Construction contractors have the obligation to provide a safe construction site for not only their workers but also to anyone passing by. If a person is injured in a falling debris accident, it is important that they review the safety policies of that particular contractor on site. If it is determined that the site was unsafe and the contractor had neglected to implement preventive measures, then he/she will be entirely liable and should provide compensation.

Watch out for falling objects!


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