6 Costly Home Inspection Mistakes You Should Avoid

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A building inspection is considered by many to be the most stressful part of a real estate transaction. On one hand, there is the buyer who is about to make one of the biggest investments in his or her life and is worried about some deal-breaking defects of the home. On the other hand, you, the seller, are concerned about the potential for surprise costs. With that said, a home inspection will give both parties some peace of mind.

The inspection is basically a visual evaluation of a home’s condition and should not worry you. Here are some common home inspection mistakes that you can avoid:

  1. Not hiring an inspector to evaluate your home before listing it

It is always recommended that you hire a professional to inspect your home before it goes on the market. An inspection will help you know the defects of your house as well as the repair estimates. Moreover, you can be upfront about the defects in your listing, and this could save you from having to lower your price when negotiating with the buyer.

  1. Not vetting the home inspector

One of the most common mistakes that many home sellers and buyers make is hiring whatever home inspection company that is recommended to them without doing any research. An inspection is only as good as its inspector. Choose an inspection company that is qualified and accredited by the necessary authorities. You can also vet the company by inquiring on their experience and their knowledge in different aspects of home construction.

  1. Not attending the inspection

Home inspectors always find it easy to inspect a home when the owner is around. The inspection experience will give you the opportunity to consult with the inspector and see defects in person rather than reading about them in the report. Failing to accompany the inspector through the process will give you a hard time identifying the seriousness of the issues.

  1. Not asking question during the inspection

Home inspectors are generally knowledgeable about the structural design of your home. It is, therefore, wise that you ask as many questions as possible during the inspection process. Remember, you are paying the inspector to give you expert advice, so utilize this chance. You’ll find it easier to solicit advice and opinions in person than from a report.

  1. Not reading the inspection report

Many sellers and buyers just skim through the inspection reports offered to them. This is not advisable because you might miss some important details which may cost you in the future. Always find a home inspector who will provide you with a simple yet comprehensive inspection report for easy reading.

  1. Not prepping for the home inspection

Home inspectors will always get peeved when homeowners are not ready for the inspection. For instance, don’t make the inspector empty the closet to get to the attic or if you have a lock on your basement or shed, ensure that it is opened for easy access.

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