Industrial Building Inspections

Arnold Investigative Engineering Offers Industrial Building Inspections


It is quite difficult to find the right professional to inspect your commercial building. Because of the vast nature of the job, a lot of engineers are usually not willing to conduct inspections of large industrial facilities.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, no job is too big for us. Whether you need an inspection of a small shop or a huge industrial facility, we’re always available to offer a helping hand.

Here are some reasons why you need to call for your industry building inspections:


Industrial building inspection needs a considerable amount of knowledge. Extensive experience is deemed as an investment since it’s a requirement to making informed decisions. Hiring an expert engineer with years of experience will come in handy especially when it comes to comprehensive reports industrial and commercial inspections. Our building inspectors are trained and certified to conduct the most extensive inspections in the market today!

Our industrial and commercial building inspection provides a wide range of services. We have the necessary expertise to review the client’s drawings of the building and inspect it accordingly. Our diversified problem-solving experience is your best shot at maintaining your building’s worth.


Our building inspections are customized to suit every client’s requirements for their facility. We believe every building is unique and as such we cater to the needs. Our industrial building inspection consists of:

  • Property (drainage, parking and site facilities);
  • Structural systems (interior, exterior, foundation, and roof);
  • Electrical system;
  • Mechanical system;
  • Plumbing system;
  • Other clients’ requirements like Radon testing.

During our first site viewing, our building inspectors will thoroughly examine the key factors of the entire industrial facility and all its systems. The drawing information provided is then compared with the real conditions. An all-inclusive outline is created with comprehensive photos of potential problems, and then specific measurements are made. The first site visit is reviewed to pinpoint significant challenges that may still exist. If the data is complete, preliminary findings are established.

The size of the building and the complexity of the inspection will determine if there will be a return visit. This visit guarantees collection of information as well as completion of all sites visits and verification of initial findings. A closing report including a summarized discussion and visual presentation of the findings is presented. Follow up phone calls and oral presentations are part of our services to guarantee all our clients’ needs are satisfied.

Professional industrial building and property condition assessment service

Every service we provide is highly professional and legit. No middlemen, no subcontractors and most importantly no excuses! If you choose to buy, sell or lease multiple sites in different states don’t fret! We assure you that your industrial building and property condition assessment will always be completed by the same principal-consultant. We will be accountable and responsible for every feature of your project and are always accessible via email or cell phone. Finally, an all-inclusive report is prepared. The report format and quality will meet and exceed your expectations and standards.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, our services extend to a range of clients whether developer, buyer, owner or local, regional or national investor.



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