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Whether you are buying, building, or just renovating your home or business premise, an inspection is always crucial to ensure you have quality results through the process. But what exactly is a building inspection?

About building inspections

A building inspection is an assessment that checks for defects in a property, either during construction, before buying a home, or after a renovation. This inspection basically provides an accurate overview of your building.

A typical building inspection will reveal any significant defects such as foundation movements, rising damp, structural cracking, drainage problems, structural deformation, material decay, inadequate ventilation, substandard work, flashings, spouting, fretting of mortar, structural timber pest damage, and more.


What does a building inspection cover?

A professional inspector will do the following during the inspection:

Inside the building

  • Confirm the ceilings are clear of leak stains and mold
  • Check the floors and walls for dampness
  • Check for cracks in the walls; some may be hidden behind the wallpaper
  • Check whether the blinds and windows are working properly
  • Check the plumbing systems for leaks
  • Check for rusty frameworks
  • Test the electrical systems as well as the air conditioning systems
  • Check the level of traffic noise
  • Check the TV aerial points as well as the phone lines
  • Check whether the doors are working properly


Outside the building

  • Check the garden arrangements and check for presence of poisonous plants
  • Check the condition of the fences and gates to ensure the bases are strong enough
  • Check for large trees near the building as their roots can cause structural damage
  • Inspect other external structures such as sheds and pools
  • Check for rotting timber
  • Ensure that the external walls are straight and not slightly slanting
  • Look out for fire hazards such as power points and external cables
  • Look out for any signs of pests
  • Check the external condition of the roof including the tiles and frames
  • Test the water pressure of the external taps.

Once the building inspection report has been compiled, you can make a reasonable decision based on the findings. Often, the repairs are usually made as soon as possible before any deal on the property is sealed. So you can always be assured that you are making the right decision with the help of a building inspection report.

Who does building inspection? 

Building inspections are not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. They are carried out by a professional building inspector who is fully qualified, insured, and licensed. Experience is also vital; an experienced inspector is equipped with the necessary skills and know-how to find things that would otherwise remain hidden.

A professional building inspector is also accredited with the relevant authorities to carry out any type of building inspection. Moreover, the inspector should not only be able to carry out a thorough inspection but also deliver a report that is plain and easy to understand.

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