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What Do We Inspect When We Get to Your Home?

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There are different kinds of checks that you may want to carry out before you purchase a new home. Your realtor will usually assist you in getting certified home inspectors. Depending on the area where you are buying your house, you can decide on the necessary inspections. Here are some types of inspections that you may require carried out and why. General home inspections This kind of an inspection checks the general condition of the home. Structural features of the home, as well as plumbing, roofing, electrical wiring, and insulation, are checked out in this inspection. Inspectors who perform these […]

Quality Assurance: What to Expect from an Inspection

Getting a structural inspection is not something that happens daily in our lives. It is for our safety and to provide proof of the quality of a particular building. You might be having a general idea of what to expect during an inspection, but it is also a good idea to understand what will be going on. Below are basic guidelines for what is likely to happen during structural inspection What areas are to be inspected? In general, the main aim of the inspector is to ensure that a building meets necessary requirements and identify any safety hazards that the […]

Sellers: What Do You Do If You Get Bad Home Inspection Results?

Structural inspection serves one purpose which is to provide information to any potential buyer on the condition of a building. The main difference and an advantage between a structural inspection and the full pre-purchase inspection mainly are of the cost. A structural inspection will mostly concentrate on the major defects such as weakened chimneys, unsupported roof elements among others. Who is in need of a structural inspection? Most structural inspections are usually pre-purchase inspections. Therefore, any client who wants to make a bid on that particular building will need to be sure of its structural integrity. Apart from just inspecting […]

Myths about New Home Constructions: Importance of a Builder Warranty Inspection

Moving into your new home might not be as rosy as many people tend to imagine. A lot of issues usually crop up that were not evident when the house was first constructed. In fact, many new homeowners tend to complain that their newly constructed homes are far from being perfect. Builders understand that most newly constructed homes do not entirely meet their client’s satisfaction. That’s why many of them offer builder warranties, usually one-year long. This means that the builder will rectify any issues for the homeowner free of charge during the warranted period. That’s a great deal, right? […]
Home Inspections Vs Engineering Inspections

Home Inspections Vs Engineering Inspections

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Almost all buyers of homes and apartments will want to have an expert evaluation of a property before they strike a deal. Real estate agents sometimes refer to this process as a “home inspection” or an “engineering inspection“ without differentiating between the two. Though they may seem similar, there are significant differences between the services offered by a licensed engineer and a licensed inspector. These specific differences pertain to the amount of expertise, knowledge, and experience required for licensure as well as what each professional is legally allowed to do. When do you need a home inspection? As a seller, […]
Don’t Build Your House Without a Plan

Don’t Build Your House Without a Plan!

If you’re planning to build a new house without a building plan, then you are making a huge mistake. A layout of a new house is crucial because it gives you a rough idea of how your building will look like. In fact, it is against the law to construct a house without a house plan. Your plan must be approved by the relevant authorities for you to carry on with the construction of your new building. It is always recommended that you find an expert to prepare a plan for your house. This is because a professional will always […]
Enjoy the Benefits of Regular Fire Inspections

Enjoy the Benefits of Regular Fire Inspections

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Regular fire inspections by professionals are performed to assess and mitigate any potential fire-safety hazards in buildings. Most of these inspections will provide you with a well-written report of any rectifications that may seem necessary. These inspections usually vary in frequency and type, depending on your city or state. The way fire inspectors perform these duties will also vary dramatically from one place to another. The type of fire inspections performed on your building is usually related to several issues. It is, therefore, important that you have some understanding of standards, codes, as well as ordinances in the jurisdiction, and […]
Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Building Safe

Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Building Safe

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How safe is your building? Whether you’re a building owner with one or more tenants, a business owner in charge of your employees, or just a homeowner with a family and frequent guests, it is crucial that building safety is number one on your priority list. Failure to ensure building safety will make the occupants and visitors of your building hold you liable for any injuries that occur on your premises. With a proper plan and regular maintenance, you can be sure that you have done everything possible to prevent any kind of injury, and everybody using your building is […]
Importance of Building Permits

Understanding the Importance of Building Permits

Often, we’ll hear the question, “Do I need a building permit for this?” This is indeed a great question, whose answer varies from one state to another. People usually ask the question because they are concerned on whether the improvements they’re intending to make on their homes will increase their property taxes. This is not the case! Property taxes are usually based on the aggregate assessment of an area using real estate values. This means that unless every household in your neighborhood does something that would dramatically raise the value of homes, a simple home renovation cannot have significant impact […]
Construction Project

How Inspection Can Save Your Construction Project

Once your project moves from permitting and siting into construction, you will still have to satisfy a gamut of local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Construction projects usually involve the co-ordination of a great number people, components, and materials. Construction compliance poses a major challenge in the building industry. The number and reach of relevant construction regulations is quite extensive, covering fields as diverse as health and safety of construction workers, the legality of construction contracts, and the efficacy of building materials and products. Regular inspections are a vital part of the construction process because they ensure the work in […]