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Professional Legal Help for All Your Property

Get Professional Legal Help for All Your Property Issues 

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Whether you are a simple homeowner, foreign investor, or property developer, you need experienced legal professionals to help you in capitalizing on your real estate investment as well as protect your interests. Property law is quite vast and may not be easily comprehensible to the regular person. From leasing and developments to planning and subdivisions, a professional will help identify and mitigate any risk factors that you come across in order to safeguard your interests. Due to the critical and delicate nature of property law, it is never advisable to do any transaction without the guidance or advice of a legal practitioner. Here are some of the […]

Sellers: What Do You Do If You Get Bad Home Inspection Results?

Structural inspection serves one purpose which is to provide information to any potential buyer on the condition of a building. The main difference and an advantage between a structural inspection and the full pre-purchase inspection mainly are of the cost. A structural inspection will mostly concentrate on the major defects such as weakened chimneys, unsupported roof elements among others. Who is in need of a structural inspection? Most structural inspections are usually pre-purchase inspections. Therefore, any client who wants to make a bid on that particular building will need to be sure of its structural integrity. Apart from just inspecting […]

Can You Sell a Home that Has Code Violations?

Code enforcement is usually adopted by communities to preserve the cleanliness, safety, and the property values of their municipality. The violation of these building codes can range from serious things such as breaching the construction standards to minor things like broken fire alarms. Often, code violations are taken care of before a house is sold, and the buyer is never aware of them. Code enforcements change all the time, a house may be code-compliant when you buy it; but over the years, it may lag behind the ever-changing building standards. Unless there is a safety issue, many homeowners do not […]

4 Common Situations You’ll Need an Expert Investigative Engineer

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Do you really need investigative engineering services for your claims? Well, investigative engineering cannot only help you settle those claims, but also assist you in establishing coverage and setting reserves quickly and equitably. The findings from these investigations are useful for: Preventing repetition of claims by identifying the source of fraud and systematic issue Speeding the resolution of a claim by validating the events leading to a particular loss Identifying which insurer is responsible and which policy will cover the loss And, improving the underwriting process in case of specialized risks. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we are experts and experienced […]
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Deposition Testimonies: All You Need to Know

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The society we live in is blame-based and litigious in nature. At least one point in your life, you will be called upon to vividly provide your testimony on a given set of facts at a deposition. Nonetheless, a lot of people, especially property owners, are not even aware of what a deposition is and why they are necessary for the litigation process. Here are frequently asked questions on depositions with their comprehensive answers:   What is a deposition testimony? A deposition testimony is a legal procedure that allows the parties involved in a lawsuit to fish out any facts […]