Commercial Building Inspection Checklist


Regardless of whether you have a maintenance staff in your company, it has always been wise to schedule for regular inspections that can help guarantee your employees and clients safety. A good inspection schedule will ensure a good preventative maintenance that can help keep your business premise and systems in optimal operational levels. Here are some of the common things that a commercial building inspector examines:

  1. Air Filters and Fan Belts

When the filters and belts start wearing out, the atmosphere in your office will obviously be compromised. A regular inspection is important to help you know when any of these parts requires replacement or repair.

  1. Exterior walls

This calls for the inspector to check for cracks on the walls. There are many reasons that may lead to your wall cracking such as poor workmanship. Your inspector will let you know all these problems and suggest beneficial recommendations to the problem.

  1. Coils

The coils are important components in your commercial premises. Regular inspections will ensure that your coils are free of debris and function properly. A commercial inspector will tell you when your system requires repair or just some cleaning. One thing that can impair the functioning of your coils is the buildup of dust and particles.

  1. Plumbing

In this case, the inspector will examine the general drainage system. He will look for any visible leaks under sinks as well as test the pressure of the water. He will also help in identifying the kind of pipes that has been installed in the building and determine whether they are substandard or not. With this call, he will help you know whether there might be a need for replacements and the much it would cost.

  1. Ductwork

Duct work is another critical part that should be regularly checked. Accumulation of dust and particles in the air ducts will increase the risk of mold forming. It is, therefore, a good idea to keep your duct clean so that they last longer. Moreover, ensure your inspection company checks for infestations and clogs.

  1. Wiring inspections

At times, you may find that your wiring system is not working properly. An inspection for this is the best solution. Always ensure your inspection company checks the wiring during the regular maintenance to ensure everything is properly connected.

  1. Thermostats

The number of thermostats situated in your room will always be determined by the size of your workplace. Thermostats are one of the most often used apparatus in any building. This makes it quite easy to know if anything is off. A good inspector will thoroughly check your thermostats and give out proper recommendations in case it’s not working properly.

When you keep your commercial premises in a good condition, you will have improved the productivity of your employees. Subsequently, this will improve the profitability of your business. Your customers will always appreciate the serene environment that your business premise offers. With that in mind, ensure that you find a reputable company for your commercial inspection needs.

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