Commercial Building Inspection: Making the Unknown Known

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Commercial Building Inspection, sometimes known as a Property Condition Report, is a report obtained mainly by real estate investors from commercial inspectors. Experts usually inspect the commercial building to be acquired. We all know that commercial buildings require more procedures, funds, and documentation than residential buildings. This is probably why many clients seeking the services of commercial inspectors look out for professionalism and experience.

Commercial building inspection can be done in one of two ways.

  1. General review which can be done by one inspector. The inspector is usually qualified and checks out key aspects of the building.
  2. A more detailed review where specialty inspectors are required. Usually, two or three inspectors and some subcontractors perform this check. It is detailed and provides the client with specialty inspection reports on matters such as structure, electrical, HVAC, roofing; whatever is called for. These sub-specialists are experts in their fields. They can be ADA inspectors, structural engineers, energy auditors, licensed elevator inspectors, or HVAC specialists.

A client may at times want a property inspection that is so detailed and invasive. An investigation becomes invasive if the inspector has to alter the building in some way such as by drilling holes into the roof. Most sellers don’t allow invasive inspections unless the buyer has already paid a deposit.

What are the benefits of hiring commercial building inspectors?

A commercial property buyer seeking an inspection report should be more concerned about the expertise of the company they want to hire. Always find a company that will provide you with a simplified yet comprehensive inspection report.

Property condition reports give real estate investors more bargaining power at the negotiating table. Not every seller will be open about all the details of a commercial property they are selling. As an investor, you wouldn’t like to pay a lot of cash for something substandard, would you? With a thorough commercial building inspection, you will not only have an advantage negotiating the price, but you will also have a good idea about the state of the building.

There are standards established that building inspection reports should meet. However, what an individual client requests determines the content of the report. The professionalism of the company offering the service also matters. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we have the required experts and sub-contractors required to carry out your desired inspection. Call us today, for an expert inspection.

What is in the commercial inspection report?

The report a client gets from an inspection company is their due diligence before making a purchase of a commercial property. The report should highlight deferred maintenance issues and what requires immediate repair.

Ideally, a report that is helpful to a client should contain information on the following.

  • Building code violations
  • Worn systems and improper maintenance
  • Poor workmanship
  • Equipment that is almost at the end of its useful life
  • Inadequate structural design

All in all, the commercial building inspection market is vast in the country. These inspections are more detailed than the residential inspections. This means that not any inspector can examine your commercial building. Find a professional commercial building inspector!


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