Commercial Electrical Inspections

Commercial Electrical Inspections: Why Are They So Important?

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As a business owner, you do understand how vital electricity is to the profitability of your business. It powers our lights, runs our machinery, charges our gadgets, the list is endless. Nonetheless, by being so pervasive, electricity is easily taken for granted and forgotten that it can be dangerous. Commercial electrical inspection is a vital maintenance practice that is often overlooked at our business premises.


The main reason of having these inspections regularly is to prevent electrical accidents. Electrical accidents are rather unpredictable and are capable of causing minor to life-threatening injuries when they occur. When electrical wiring is exposed or damaged, it can easily result in electrocutions or even fire outbreaks. That being said, an electrical inspection is a necessity rather than a choice. Remember, better safe than sorry!

A commercial electrical inspection can help identify defects in the electrical system and the inspector will also advise you on the appropriate steps to be taken in case your system needs repair or replacement. The inspection can also identify improper wiring, outdated wiring, faulty alarm wiring, missing or broken smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, missing junction boxes, as well as service panel issues.

Decreases disruptions to your business

For a business to be profitable, everything needs to operate smoothly. And for everything to run smoothly, you need to have constant supply of electricity to your business premise. You just can’t afford the additional costs associated with disrupted production and operating budget. A commercial electrical inspection acts as a preventative maintenance practice that will ensure your electrical system is working properly, and will not cause any disruptions in your day-to-day activities.

Saves costs on electrical failures

When there is an electrical failure at your business premises, you will most definitely incur delays and additional costs that will significantly set your business back. What’s worse, you can lose the whole building in case of a fire breakout caused by a faulty electrical system. In fact, most unfortunate fires are caused by outdated or poorly maintained electrical systems.

The older the electrical system, the more likely it is to have failures which may cause severe accidents. Commercial electrical inspections will ensure that your electrical system is working properly, thus prevent the high costs of electrical failures. Keep in mind that the best way to save costs on electrical failures is to catch them before they even happen.

If you are a business owner and have not considered having regular electrical inspections, then you need to book one immediately. For all your commercial electrical inspection needs, you’ll definitely want a trained, certified, and skilled inspector to identify any electrical risk conditions in your building. A commercial electrical inspection will ensure that the electrical wiring and components of your building are in good condition and do not pose any hazard to your employees and customers.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we are always available to help! We offer topnotch commercial electrical inspections that are second to none. Don’t wait until the last minute when an electrical failure has occurred in your building, contact us today and book our expert inspection services!


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