Do You Need Flood Insurance?


Did you know that a typical homeowner’s insurance does not cover flood damage? Shocking, isn’t it? It will only cover minor damages from rain; but if your house is filled with water, you are on your own.

Even though certain areas are prone to flooding than others, this natural disaster can happen anywhere. According to, floods is rated as the number one natural disaster in the country. Just a few inches of water will cause severe damage to your home.

With that said, are you prepared? Apart from just preparing your home for such a disaster and having a family emergency plan, are you covered? Flood insurance basically refers to a cover against loss of property due to floods. Insurers usually use topographical maps that indicate floodplains, floodways, and lowlands to determine the risk factors for properties in different regions.

I live in a low-risk zone; do I need flood insurance?

Did you know that over 20% of the flood insurance claims in the country come from low and moderate risk zones? Keep in mind that this estimation does not include the uninsured homeowners, who are usually more. This shows that the number of people affected by floods in low-risk zones is quite high. Regardless of where you live, you are not safe from flooding, and you should get covered as soon as possible.

If you are taking a mortgage loan on a property that is in a high-risk flood zone, also known as a Special Hazard Flood Area, then your lender will most likely require you to buy a flood insurance policy in order to give you the loan.

What will the flood insurance cover? 

This insurance policy will cover damage to your property caused by floods. Floods can be a result of several scenarios including heavy and prolonged rain, overflowing streams and rivers, snow-melt, storm surge, broken lakes or dams, blocked drainage systems, and much more. In order to be considered as flood by an insurer, the water must have affected at least two properties or covered at least two acres.

What isn’t covered by the flood insurance? 

If water comes from above, say melting snow or heavy rains overflowing gutters and leaking into your property, you will be covered by your standard property insurance, and not your flood insurance.

Any property that is outside your building, such as your septic and landscaping systems, will also not be covered by the flood insurance. Moreover, the damage to your vehicles may not be covered. And if you are a business owner, the financial losses accrued as a result of the flood are not covered.


You may be familiar with the old saying “Better safe than sorry.” From the facts above, it is evident that floods can affect any region at any time. So whether you are living in a high-risk zone or a low-risk zone, a flood insurance policy is necessary. Don’t cry foul when the damage is already done.

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