Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard: Here’s How Home Insurers Investigate Claims

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Your phone rings suddenly and the person on the other end tells you that your home has been broken into or it has burned down. You quickly get there to get a glimpse of the damage.

So, what next?

In the event of such unfortunate occurrences, it is best that you file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Many homeowners, however, find this process to be quite stressful and confusing.

By understanding how your insurance company handles the claims, you can have an easy time in the reimbursement process while reducing the significant amount of stress.

What Do You Need for the Claims Process?

When filing your claims, you need to have the following items:

  • A well-detailed inventory of all your household items
  • Police report
  • Bills and receipts of sale of all the items damaged or lost
  • Clear photographs or videos of the damages of your home.

Guide to the Claims Process

Insurance companies usually use adjusters to investigate any home insurance claims and write comprehensive reports detailing the claim. For criminal cases such as arson and theft, the insurance adjustor may ask for a police report of the same.

If the insurance claim is for a minor damage, the adjuster may just request an estimate of the damage. Your claim would then be paid based on the estimates. Sometimes the adjuster may not even visit your home for this.

However, for more extensive and serious damages, the insurance company is likely to come to your home and examine the damages and losses. The adjuster may even interview you and take photos to get more details of the damage.

How Insurance Investigators Validate Information

When a fire has destroyed your home, the insurance company may assign your case to a special investigative unit. This unit will look at your initial application to confirm whether the information is true and valid and not misrepresented. They may even ask for your personal property list for further clarification.

A thorough and careful reporting of losses is crucial to ensure that you didn’t lie about what you lost. If there is any suggestion of fraud, the investigators may check with the police and other relevant parties as well as ask for more information about your debts and income. Always provide the correct and truthful information when filing your claims. You wouldn’t want to lose your entire claim, would you?

If all is well with your insurance claims after the investigation, it is the responsibility of the insurer to settle your claim as soon as possible.

Let Professionals at Arnold Investigative Engineering Help You with Your Claims Process

When you understand how insurance companies investigate home insurance claims, you can easily glide through the process. Moreover, you will also be able to avoid any hint of misrepresentation or fraud.

To avoid any surprises with your claim, ensure you seek the services of our expert team of professionals at Arnold Investigative Engineering and you can ask any questions you have about the coverage of your home. Call us today on (512) 345 6620.

Insurance claims has never been this easy!


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