Enjoy the Benefits of Regular Fire Inspections

Enjoy the Benefits of Regular Fire Inspections

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Regular fire inspections by professionals are performed to assess and mitigate any potential fire-safety hazards in buildings. Most of these inspections will provide you with a well-written report of any rectifications that may seem necessary. These inspections usually vary in frequency and type, depending on your city or state. The way fire inspectors perform these duties will also vary dramatically from one place to another.

The type of fire inspections performed on your building is usually related to several issues. It is, therefore, important that you have some understanding of standards, codes, as well as ordinances in the jurisdiction, and how they may affect your inspection. Building standards and codes will tell you what requirements need to be met and what fire safety features need to be installed. Some of the common features include fire sprinklers and fire alarms.

Apart from just complying with the building codes of your city, regular fire inspections can also help you with the following:

Reduced false fire alarms 

Regular fire safety inspections have shown to reduce false fire alarms, and the reasons for this are twofold. To begin with, trained and skilled fire inspectors are able to determine if there are issues in a building, such as new machinery or pets, that may cause false fire alarms. These professionals can also identify potential technical problems with your fire safety system and address them accordingly.

Secondly, having an expert inspector on-site allows for customer re-training. A majority of false fire alarms are usually caused by human error. While you likely had training when the fire system was installed, as time progresses we tend to forget the little things that help reduce false fire alarms. But with regular fire inspections, you’ll constantly be reminded of these little things. Visitors in the building may also need a refresher on how to use the fire system properly, thus prevent false fire alarms.

Durability of the fire equipment

Regular fire safety inspections will help monitor the working condition of fire equipment in your business or home, and increase its operational life. It will also reduce the number of service calls associated with your fire safety system.

Fire safety inspection is a simple, but worthwhile process. Our certified inspectors will perform a thorough inspection on your equipment and recommend the necessary repairs and replacements. Having a professional set of eyes look at your fire safety system will ensure that you are never caught off-guard at the most inopportune times.

Whether your fire safety system is brand new or dates back to the 1990s, Arnold Investigative Engineering has an experienced and knowledgeable team of fire inspectors that will serve you well. We will work to create an ongoing inspection schedule that will ensure your fire equipment works properly and meets the applicable code requirements.

From fire sprinklers, to fire alarms, to fire suppression, to emergency communications and integrated security; we will ensure that each and every item is inspected and tested accordingly. Our fire inspection reports are comprehensive and identify the necessary actions needed to rectify any issues before a fire emergency occurs.

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  • October 24, 2017

    It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to having a fire safety inspection done on a regular basis that there are benefits that come along with it. I like how you mentioned that doing this will help reduce false fire alarms from taking place since it will address any problems that may arise. This is something that we will have to look into so that our home will always be a safe place for us to live.

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