Falling Objects? Stay Covered with These Tips

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The eyes of the workers are the greatest tools of injury prevention. Employees can easily spot and raise concerns over safety hazards at the workplace. This will significantly reduce injuries.

Nonetheless, each and every year workers are injured by one hazard that they cannot see, falling objects.

Falling objects are one of the leading causes of workplace accidents. Here are six effective ways that the employer or management can help to mitigate the injury and risk associated with falling objects:

  1. Providing protective gear

Anyone working in an area with potential risks of falling objects needs to wear appropriate gears such as a hard hat and steel toed shoes. Moreover, such protective gears should be inspected before use to ensure that they in perfect working condition and fit workers properly. It is the job of the employers and management to provide their workers with personal protective equipment.

  1. Implementing administrative controls

This is a great way of preventing falling objects in the workplace. Good examples of administrative controls include scaffolds to prevent objects from falling over the edge, installation of boards on sides of elevated work areas, use of nets to capture falling objects, use of storage bars across storage areas to prevent materials from tumbling out, as well as the implementation of barricades and fences that keep workers and visitors away from potential fall zone.

  1. Ensure the worksite is clean

Debris and tools are the major causes of falling objects injuries. To eliminate this hazard, workers need to ensure that their work areas are tidy and clean.

When a worker is done using a particular tool, they need to properly put it in its designated storage area. Moreover, if they have created debris or made a mess, they need to immediately clean it up.

  1. Properly move a load

Never lift, swing, or lower a load over anyone’s head. In places like warehouses where loads are being placed on high shelves with the potential of tumbling over the other side, ensure that there is a spotter in place to help workers properly place objects. Another preventive measure is restricting the heavy moving and stacking process to hours with low traffic of people.

  1. Secure all loads 

If a load is to be lifted to a higher level, ensure that it is secured properly to prevent it from falling on other people. For very heavy loads, cloth and metal straps can be used.

  1. Provide warning 

For work sites with potential dangers of falling objects, all workers and visitors at the site should be warned. This can be done by verbally communicating the risks and hazards or placing signs at designated spots.

In addition, a worker can be put in charge of escorting visitors around the work site and inform them of the potential risks of falling debris.

Your employees are the lifeline of a company. Without them, work cannot go on, and business can ultimately collapse. That’s why their safety is crucial. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, apart from being professional onsite inspectors, we are also great advocates for safety.

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