Question: What type of investigations or inspections do you perform?

Answer: We perform investigations and inspections by licensed engineers, ranging from preliminary visual type reporting to written reporting of site specific issues to fully engineered design, repair and/or build services.

Question: How do you perform your investigations or inspections?

Answer: A typical investigation or inspection may consist of the services of a single engineer, or may entail the services of multiple personnel inclusive of construction, surveying or specialized testing personnel. We maintain permanent working relationships with fully licensed and insured personnel to fulfill job requirements as needed.

Question: What standards of practice do you offer?

Answer: At a minimum we comply with minimum State of Texas licensing standards that may be applicable to a certain investigation or inspection. In addition we employ higher standards of practice that may be applicable to a job assignment that is deemed appropriate or necessary by the engineer of record. There exist many such standards in addition to standard industry practices.

Question: Can you provide detailed cost estimates associated with your investigations or inspections?

Answer: Where not deemed to be a conflict of client interest, detailed cost estimates will be provided upon request. Such estimates would typically be requested and provided as a portion of legal type work.