Home Electrical Inspection Checklist

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What is electricity? It is a form of energy that is generated or occurs naturally to produce the movement of electrons. The electrical system of any building contains that most potential safety hazard to occupants. Therefore, you should never attempt to fix a faulty electrical circuit. Leave it to the professionals!

An electrical home inspection is not only important for the safety of your home, but also helps in saving energy and reducing utility costs. Moreover, it will help you recognize the common electrical mistakes made by previous DIY homeowners or contractors.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we recommend electrical inspections to be conducted when:

  • You intend to buy a house.
  • You add a new electrical appliance in your home.
  • You have a major home renovation.
  • Your house is more than 40 years.
  • You start experiencing sudden power surges.
  • There is a sudden increase in your electricity bill over the past few months.

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), upon completion of an electrical home inspection, your home inspector should hand you a detailed report of the areas that need immediate attention, recommendations for improvements, as well as potential upgrade possibilities. Always find a professional to work on your home electrical system. Here are some of the common things that our inspectors examine during electrical home inspections:

Electrical service panel

Every home that uses electricity has this. The electrical service panels are usually located in the garage, the basement, or on the exterior of the house. They contain circuit breakers or fuses that prevent electric current from exceeding safe levels. A professional inspector will check improperly sized fuses, insufficient clearance, corrosion or oxidation, overheated components, the presence of moisture, as well as aluminum branch wiring. If the service panel is worn out or rusty, it should be replaced as well.

Electrical wiring

The electrical wiring system of you home should be inspected for fraying or any other damage. Our inspectors will look for unprotected wires around the house, especially in the basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Unprotected electric wiring poses a great threat for electrocution. Furthermore, wires resting on heat pipes and ducts present an unsafe situation in your home.

Interior outlets and lighting

Whether your home is currently occupied or up for sale, light switches, interior outlets, GFCIs, and appliance cords should be regularly tested and visually inspected. Any loose outlets must be tightened accordingly and the cords must fit snugly. Your inspector will check for `any overheated components as well as weird sounds coming from the outlets and lighting system.

Clearly, the importance of an electrical home inspection should never be overlooked. You should always consider joining your inspector during the inspection because it will provide a great opportunity to garner valuable information about the electrical system of your home.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we will not only inspect your electrical system, but will also examine the general condition of your home. Our experienced and expert inspectors are always available to help. Ensure the safety of your home and family by booking an all-inclusive home inspection with us today.

Better safe than sorry!


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