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How Inspection Can Save Your Construction Project


Once your project moves from permitting and siting into construction, you will still have to satisfy a gamut of local, state, and federal environmental regulations. Construction projects usually involve the co-ordination of a great number people, components, and materials.

Construction compliance poses a major challenge in the building industry. The number and reach of relevant construction regulations is quite extensive, covering fields as diverse as health and safety of construction workers, the legality of construction contracts, and the efficacy of building materials and products.

Regular inspections are a vital part of the construction process because they ensure the work in progress is done according to construction compliance and quality. The inspections are separate from the contractor’s own supervision of the construction work. They are usually carried out to give an independent view of the quality of work done for the client or a third party for a number of different purposes.

How can an inspection help you with your construction compliance?

An inspection will oversee the construction procedures and types of materials used to ensure that they comply with the necessary plans and specifications. It will also ensure construction compliance with the health and safety standards of the workers and any other person using the construction site. Such inspections can be carried out internally or externally by health and safety personnel.

Inspectors will also help to:

  • Prepare daily reports of the construction.
  • Oversee the activities of the contractors as well as their documentation.
  • Interpret drawings and specifications, and discuss deviations.
  • Examine the quality of installations for conformity with the expected standards.
  • Maintain accurate, neat, and complete records.
  • Participate actively in construction project meetings.
  • Inspect painting and coating.
  • Conduct a field test of soils, material sampling, concrete and asphalt.
  • Assist with the construction project close-out.
  • Monitor and document the construction materials delivered and incorporated into the project.
  • Assist with change order review and completion.

Never make the mistake of thinking that you don’t need an inspection when you are constructing a new building. New buildings have just as many issues as older buildings. If your contractor doesn’t want or does not suggest bringing in an inspector for construction compliance, then this is a clear-cut sign that you should definitely have an inspector inspect your new building.

We do understand that you need to meet some legal requirements and manage some risks while undergoing your construction projects, and we can help you with your construction compliance practices. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we offer a broad range of new construction inspections as well as contractor quality control services. We not only help our clients meet regulatory standards, but also avoid costly delays and support safety. We have a great performance record that outpaces the industry’s standards.

A thorough and expert inspection is one of the most crucial elements in achieving a quality construction project. It not only requires technical knowledge and expertise of the construction procedures and materials, but also diplomacy, sound judgment, and good communication skills. To ensure complete construction compliance practices for your new building, book an all-inclusive inspection with us.

Good luck on your new construction project!


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