Is New Construction Inspection Necessary?

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It is usually recommended that a building is inspected at its stages of the construction. This will give you, the owner, an assurance that everything is fine all through the process. And, if by any chance there is an issue regarding the construction, it can be rectified as soon as possible. New construction inspection is necessary especially with the fact that many builders are usually sub-contractors. One time they do a good job, another time they fail to deliver.

There are three opportunities available during the building process that are recommended to have a professional inspector examine and report on the construction and quality of your new building. The new construction inspection will ensure that all the defects are brought to light, and none are covered up.

This inspection is conducted at different times. The first inspection is usually conducted before pouring the concrete on the foundation, and it is known as the pre-pour inspection. The second inspection is conducted before the insulations and the interior walls are installed, and is known as the framing inspection. The last inspection takes place after the whole house is complete, and is known as the final inspection.

  1. Pre-pour inspection

The benefits and advantages of having your foundation inspected before the continuation of the construction are ample. The foundation of your building, whether residential or commercial, is the structure that holds everything in place. A house is only as strong as its foundation!

Failing to install the foundation in accordance with the set engineering standards may have devastating impacts in the future. So this is a crucial inspection that you can’t afford to miss. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we always have expert construction inspectors ready to offer that helping hand. Remember, once the concrete is poured, your foundation can never be inspected.

  1. Framing inspection

This inspection is sometimes referred to as the pre-cover inspection. Once the windows, exterior cladding, and roofing materials have been properly installed, your house will be ready for the insulation and interior sheetrock.

Because the insulation and sheetrock cover some important systems, such as electrical wiring, window flashing, and framing components, having a professional new construction inspection to examine and report on the workmanship and quality is very necessary.

The best time to schedule a framing inspection is when your contractor coincidentally has a framing walk-through. This is the part of the building process where many builders try to ensure that all of the agreed design criteria are correctly followed and incorporated.

  1. Final inspection 

This stage of the inspection should be scheduled just a few days before a walk-through with your builder. The final new construction inspection will ensure that all systems are working properly. If not, the problem should be addressed to the builder as soon as possible. This is the most time-consuming inspection because it looks into each and every part of the building.

Do not fall victim of a shoddy construction job done by untrained and unethical subcontractors. You have invested so much in your new construction, so it is only right that you receive the best services possible. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we offer comprehensive and top-notch new construction inspections. Contact us today.

All the best in your construction!


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