Myths about New Home Constructions: Importance of a Builder Warranty Inspection


Moving into your new home might not be as rosy as many people tend to imagine. A lot of issues usually crop up that were not evident when the house was first constructed. In fact, many new homeowners tend to complain that their newly constructed homes are far from being perfect. Builders understand that most newly constructed homes do not entirely meet their client’s satisfaction. That’s why many of them offer builder warranties, usually one-year long. This means that the builder will rectify any issues for the homeowner free of charge during the warranted period. That’s a great deal, right?

However, a lot of homeowners fail to notice the construction problems in their homes during the first year of occupation. By the time they realize that some parts were not constructed correctly, the one-year warranty has already run out. Therefore, you need a builder warranty inspection. This inspection will bring to light all the problems with your newly constructed home, and you can efficiently utilize the building warranty.

Here are some of the myths that convince homeowners not to have building warranty inspections:

Myth #1: My builder is great

This might be true! However, there have been a lot of cases where home builders contract the work to other subcontractors and this may compromise the quality of your new home. If your home is already built and you doubt the work done on it was not professional, don’t despair! A builder warranty inspection will help you uncover any substandard work.

Myth #2: My home is new, nothing can go wrong

Totally false! In fact, a lot of things can go wrong with your new building both during construction and during the first year of occupancy. There are obvious defects that you may notice in the first few weeks in your new home. However, there are also other hidden defects that many homeowners don’t have the required technical training to find. So, find yourself an inspector!

Myth #3: My new house is okay, it has been inspected by the county/city

True. But the municipal building inspectors usually spend just a few minutes at each property. They have no time for thorough and comprehensive inspections. Because of their tight schedules, they may overlook several crucial issues in your new home. You need someone who can be able to crawl into the attic, inspect the foundation, drainage system, electrical system and more. Find yourself an independent private home inspector to conduct thorough inspections for you.

These myths and misconceptions are not entirely true and you should always be careful with the quality standards of your new constructions. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we do understand that your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, we go the extra mile to offer builder warranty inspection services. We not only conduct these inspections but also ensure that the inspection report is delivered to the builder and he/she is given necessary recommendations to fix the problems. A builder warranty inspection will save you a lot of cash in terms of repair or replacements and you’ll have the peace of mind of living in a safe home. Let the builders fix their own mistakes! Contact us today for expert building warranty inspections.


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