Noticed Some Problems on Your Foundation? Hire an Expert Foundation Inspector

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Crack in a foundation?

If you own a building, whether residential or commercial, then you definitely understand the importance of a general building inspection and value appraisal before making any purchase. This is a great way of ensuring that your investment is protected. Unfortunately, a lot of building owners rarely have continued follow-up inspection services on their properties. Regular building inspection services will enable you to know the potential problems on your building before they cause more expensive repairs. 

The foundation of a building is arguably the most important component; it is the structure that holds the whole building in place. Basically, a house cannot stand without a foundation. Even though a small imperfection on your foundation may seem like a minor problem, it may cause some severe damage if it’s left to develop. 

You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your precious building, would you? Fortunately, the professional contractors at Arnold Investigative Engineering are always available to serve you better. Here are some common signs, that may indicate that you need a foundation inspection:

Cracks in the foundation

This is arguably one of the most common problems that you may experience with your building foundation. Interestingly enough, there are serious foundation cracks and there are benign cracks. A professional building inspector will be able to examine the cracks and offer some comprehensive diagnoses and recommendations depending on the type.

A small crack may develop into something more serious that may require thousands of dollars to repair. So, ensure that you hire expert foundation inspection services as soon as you notice that small crack. 

Signs of your house settling

It’s normal for a new house to settle as it acclimatizes to the weather and physical environment. But, it becomes an issue when a building settles too much in a short period, or when an older house suddenly begins to resettle after an extended period of stability. The weird settlings can potentially damage the foundation as well as the general drainage system of your home.

The best way of knowing if your house is over-settling is by checking whether your doors and windows are operating properly. This is because as the building settles, the supporting framework around the windows and doors work themselves out of  plumb, square, and level. Another great sign of knowing whether your house is settling unevenly is checking the levelness of your floor.

Wet basement 

Our basements provide that extended living space that we desperately need for laundry, bathrooms, storage, and even workshops. Nonetheless, many people do not fully utilize their basements. That is not the problem; the problem is failing to check and maintain your basement on a regular basis. Water in the basement is a sign that your foundation is not in its best condition and should be inspected as soon as possible. 

You may also notice some mold and mildew growing on the floor of your basement. These fungi break the foundation materials and weaken the stability of your building. 

A professional foundation inspection expert from Arnold Investigative Engineering will provide a detailed examination of your building and offer some comprehensive recommendations. Call us today at 512 345-6620!


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