Arnold Investigative Engineering provides property owners and legal counsel factual reporting of claims supported by deposition and trial testimony when necessary. Our legal testimony and depositions have not been successfully challenged or disallowed in a court of law.


Arnold Investigative Engineering has extensive experience investigating insurance losses and providing timely and cost effective reporting of claims. Our primary focus is accurate non-biased reporting of factual information leading to conclusions for the insurance industry.

Real Estate

Residential – By hiring Arnold Investigative Engineering for your inspection needs, you the prospective homeowner and Realtor gain the advantage of a licensed professional engineer with over 25 years of inspection and construction experience.  We conduct  complete residential inspections as well as structural engineering inspections on new and resale homes and buildings.

Commercial – Arnold Investigative Engineering conducts timely and cost effective inspections of multi-family, commercial, and industrial buildings of any type and size.  We can provide specialized inspections  of site specific issues such as structural analysis of water and moisture penetration, stucco/EIFS system, dew point analysis, and building safety.