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Thinking of a Real Estate Investment? Here’s Why You Need a Certified Inspector

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Investing in real estate will require sound judgment which includes asking for the opinions of expert and experienced inspectors before you commit yourself to buying. Without a certified inspection, you can easily overlook critical issues with the property you intend to buy. Let’s look at top reasons why hiring certified inspection services is a critical first step to ensuring the viability of your real estate investment:

  1. Ensures building code compliance

A thorough and certified inspection will include an environment site assessment, safety and health inspection, as well as ensuring your new building is up to par with municipal, federal and state compliance regulations. If your building is not inspected, all the penalties for code violations will be transferred to you once the title changes hands.

Common building code violations include breaching of construction standards, broken and absence of fire alarms, extending the living space of your home without proper permissions, installing water heaters and electrical points without proper permit, failure to use non-flame roofing materials, and more.

  1. Helps you avoid making a bad decision

The most direct reason of having a certified inspection from a professional is that without them, you can easily overlook glaring faults with your property. A brand new building may look attractive from outside, but may conceal costly problems such as cracked foundations, unreinforced masonry, unbraced cripple walls, and more.

Don’t let these problems haunt you in the future! Book a certified inspection today.

  1. Helps to budget for repairs

At times, you may feel it’s worthwhile to buy a particular building even though it requires some repairs. You will need to buy such buildings at discounted prices to accommodate the cost of the corrective work. This means that sealing a deal on a property without having a certified inspection may cost you a lot of cash in the long run.

This building inspection will bring to light any hidden problems, and this will let you know of what needs to be repaired. It will also give you accurate estimations of the property and the repairs. Certified inspections are not only cost saving but also life-saving.

  1. Helps you avoid liability

Ignoring building code violations and other problems in your building may present a huge risk in the future. For instance, broken fire alarms or a faulty foundation could cause serious injury and even death to the occupants of your building.

Such incidents will lead to costly liabilities and/or criminal charges. What’s more, you may end up feeling directly responsible for exposing others to harm. Prevent this anguish and guilt by exercising due diligence by having a certified inspection done on your building.

With the above benefits and more, we can all agree that a commercial building inspection will play a critical role in examining the logical and financial angles of a real estate investment. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we are highly qualified and experienced building inspectors with credentials ranging from engineering to consulting. We provide top-notch inspection services backed up with comprehensive reports.

Book an inspection with us and let us help you make the best real estate purchase possible. Contact us today!


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