Importance of Building Permits

Understanding the Importance of Building Permits


Often, we’ll hear the question, “Do I need a building permit for this?” This is indeed a great question, whose answer varies from one state to another. People usually ask the question because they are concerned on whether the improvements they’re intending to make on their homes will increase their property taxes. This is not the case!

Property taxes are usually based on the aggregate assessment of an area using real estate values. This means that unless every household in your neighborhood does something that would dramatically raise the value of homes, a simple home renovation cannot have significant impact on your property tax.

There are so many reasons why it is important to obtain a building permit and have the necessary inspections before making major changes or renovations in your home. In many situations, failing to get a building permit is not only illegal, but it also serves as a safety precaution. A building permit will also help save money in terms of insurance coverage and protect the value of your property.

Why is a building permit important?

Obtaining a building permit is vital for two main reasons. One, it is used by the local government to preserve structural regulations for both commercial and residential buildings within a community. Second, building permits are used by contractors to learn, understand, and follow the building codes of a certain city. Basically, building permits provide the rules and regulations that must be followed by home builders, electricians, and plumbers to ensure that your building is safe to occupy.

Also, the value of having a building permit to a homeowner is twofold. First, when you decide to sell your home, you will have the necessary documents to show that the renovations were done properly and according to the building codes. Secondly, you’ll have a qualified building inspector who is going to inspect the work being done on your home. The inspector will ensure that the structural integrity of your home is not compromised. With these two benefits, who wouldn’t want to obtain a building permit?

When is a building permit needed?

Generally, a building permit is needed if you’re making structural changes in your home. These changes may include taking down a wall, changing your roofline, adding a doorway into a load-bearing wall, etc. However, you’ll not need a building permit if you’re making cosmetic changes such as painting, changing your type of flooring, installing a drywall, etc.

You’ll also not need a permit if you’re changing a toilet or tap. Nonetheless, you’ll need a plumbing permit if you are relocating a toilet or a sink (this permit is issued by the same department that issues building permits in your area). A major electrical adjustment in your home will also require a permit.

Don’t put your safety and that of your family at risk! If you are having a major structural, electrical, or plumbing change in your home ensure that obtain a building permit from the relevant authorities. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we are a dedicated team of experienced building inspectors. Contact us if you having any questions about building permits. We are always available to help!



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