Understanding the Property Damage Estimation Process


Whether you’ve had an insurance appraisal clause invoked on you or you’ve invoked the appraisal clause, you cannot afford to hire an inexperienced property damage appraiser. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, property damage estimation is what we do.

We are highly knowledgeable in appraisal practices and are always available to represent the facts of loss on your behalf if need be. Not only are we educated in the property appraisal process, but we’re also qualified to review the differences between the two parties.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art estimating software and tools as well as a fully dedicated team to come up with a realistic amount of loss for your property claim. Our extensive expertise in construction, building materials, and building repairs qualifies us to be the best choice for your proper damage appraisal.

Steps to a property damage estimation

Step 1

As professional property appraisers, we will first obtain as much documentation as possible available on the claim. These documentations may include a copy of the policyholder’s estimate or a copy of the insurance company’s estimate. We’ll then review the estimates for any discrepancies.

Step 2

Next, we will inspect the building that has been damaged. Our inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection room by room, and piece by piece. Nothing will be left to chance! With the copies of the estimates in hand during the inspection, we will be able to determine if either of the estimates has missed to address some items.

Step 3

We will take photos to support our findings on the property damage. These photos are crucial because they will support our position of whether your property needs to be repaired or requires replacement. They will also show the causes and effects of the damages.

Step 4

In the case where some rooms or the entire building is damaged beyond recognition, we will conduct an interview with the owner and other relevant parties to confirm the layout of the rooms, the types of wall and floor finishes, cabinetry, electrical system, and more. The interview session will help paint a clearer picture of the correct value of the damages.

Step 5

When all the data is collected, we approach the estimation process with a comprehensive system that combines top-of-the-line software, innovative estimating tools, and years of experience. Any item that is in question will be thoroughly reviewed by our building inspectors and engineers. From the foundation, to the walls, to the support beams and electrical system, these professionals can advise whether your property will need a repair or a complete replacement.

It is difficult to know the exact value of property damage. This is why it is always recommended that your find an experienced professional for your property damage estimation needs. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, we do understand how depressing it is to have your building damaged. Don’t despair because we will guide you through this difficult time.

Contact us today and we will help you get a reasonably aggressive value for compensation of your loss. If you estimate the damage yourself, you’ll most likely demand a ridiculous amount and may come out with nothing.


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