What Can You Do with a Pre-purchase Home Inspection Report?


A pre-purchase home inspection is a crucial procedure, for both the buyer and seller. Either one of the two or both can get it done. This inspection eliminates the guesswork’ from determining the real condition of the home before it changes hands. Here are some of the major situations where a buyer or a seller may need an inspection report:

  1. A seller can use the pre-purchase home inspection report for the following:

Know the state of the home

A seller will use the report to know the actual state of the property they are selling. Having an inspection report will ensure that there are no surprises once other inspections and appraisals are done in the future. It also removes the buyers’ objections. Having the report helps the seller get more offers too.

Help to adjust the price

A pre-purchase inspection report will give some peace of mind to the seller. They will know what needs repaired and what they cannot fix before proceeding with the sale. With the report, the seller can adjust the price of the home accordingly. Get a comprehensive report from an expert home inspection company like Arnold Investigative Engineering. We are always ready to help.

Give prospective buyers the reports when assessing the home

When your home has scored a good grade in its inspection report, you can hand out copies of the report to prospective buyers. Many buyers do not always trust the inspection reports from the seller. That’s why sellers are recommended to seek the services of reputable inspection companies such as Arnold Investigative Engineering. The buyer may also get their report to confirm the seller’s report.

  1. A buyer can use a pre-purchase home inspection report for the following:

Bargain for a better price

When an inspection report recommends some repairs here and there, a buyer can use this to his or her advantage. Most of these repairs are usually not accounted for by the sellers. This means that the market value of the house will obviously fall when the repairs are brought to light.

An inspection report will come a long way in saving you a lot of cash. You will not have to spend money on the hidden repairs for your new home. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that an individual will have to make in his/her life. So don’t get ripped off!

Know the repairs necessary before occupying home

A buyer will also use a pre-purchase report to know the real condition of the home they want to purchase. With a report from a professional firm, such as Arnold Investigative Engineering, a buyer will be able to know the repairs, renovations, and other alterations required for the home. The report will help save the buyer money by helping him budget accordingly prior to the purchase.

It should be emphasized that for a pre-purchase home inspection report to be of value, it should be done by a professional. At Arnold Investigative Engineering, you get professional reports that are tailored to your needs. Contact us today.


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