What Do We Inspect When We Get to Your Home?

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There are different kinds of checks that you may want to carry out before you purchase a new home. Your realtor will usually assist you in getting certified home inspectors. Depending on the area where you are buying your house, you can decide on the necessary inspections.

Here are some types of inspections that you may require carried out and why.

General home inspections

This kind of an inspection checks the general condition of the home. Structural features of the home, as well as plumbing, roofing, electrical wiring, and insulation, are checked out in this inspection.

Inspectors who perform these tests may not be specialists in every feature they inspect. They may, however, recommend experts to examine features they suspect may not be functioning right. Arnold Investigative Engineering has excellent general inspectors who will highlight suspected problem areas.

Termite/Wood boring insects

Homes in warm climates are more likely to be infested by wood destroying pests. An inspection of pests will reveal the presence of dry rot, termites or other insects. Our inspector will also look for conditions that may bring pests to your home. The inspection should give a clear picture of the pest threat in your home.

Tap and well water

A home that gets water directly from a well will require inspection of the well water. This inspection checks to see if the construction, sanitation and depth of water table are up to code. This review is crucial because it confirms to the water quality and availability to the home buyer.

Septic systems and tanks

A thorough sewer system investigation can be done using modern technology. A camera is inserted into the sewer system and pushed to the main line. A video is made of the sewer system to confirm its functionality.

Tanks also require inspection. To ensure your tank is in its proper condition, it will need to be emptied and inspected visually. A dye test can confirm whether the leach field is operating properly. A septic system investigation is crucial in determining its suitability to your home.

Radon or Methane Gas

Radon is naturally occurring gas that arises when uranium decays. In some states in the US, this gas is quite common. Radon can build up in enclosed areas such as basements. Testing for this gas is necessary before purchasing a new home. Our inspector will test for the presence of this gas and recommend ways to get rid of it.

Buried Oil Tanks

There was a time when oil tanks were located underground on home properties. If you are purchasing a home that has buried oil tanks, tests should be of the reservoir and nearby soil should be conducted.

Tests should be carried on the tank to determine if it is leaking. If leakage is found from the reservoir, the soil should be tested for petroleum hydrocarbons. Knowing the state of buried oil tanks is crucial to avert hazards associated with leakages from such reservoirs.

At Arnold Investigative Engineering, you can get a quote for any type of inspection you may need. Seek our professional inspections and uncover things that you didn’t know about the state of your home.


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