What Type of Home Inspection Do I Need?

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checked by a professional home inspector. It is expensive buying a home and therefore, you should never risk the chance of spending on other maintenance expenses just because you ignored this simple step. When an inspector gets into your home, they are basically looking for defects. A professional inspector will inspect the following places in your home:

1. Chimney

A chimney may be seemingly in its right condition, but there might be problems from the inner side such as flue liners and bricks. A home inspector can help identify all these problems as well as ensure the smoke is discharged properly from your house.

2. Pests

Wood has always been a vital component in the construction of any house. It is rare to find a home that has been built without wood. Wood-destroying pests, in this case, are a threat to the structure and safety of your home, especially during warm climates. A home inspection from the Arnold Investigative Engineering would be very valuable in helping identify some of these problems alongside providing recommendations on the best methods of eliminating them.

3. Electrical wiring

Without the necessary expertise, it is difficult to identify wrecked electrical connections in a house. It is only through a home inspector that you can be in a position to identify those old electrical boxes that no longer comply with the city code. Apart from just the regular inspection, our team will inform you of the best brands that can replace the wrecked appliances as well as make recommendations of where you can get them at a friendly price.

4. Air conditioning system

Just as in wiring, identifying and repairing a broken air conditioning system in your home is all about expertise. It requires an expert who can examine your furnace and determine whether the heat exchanger is cracked or figure out why the unit is malfunctioning. A home inspection specialist will let you know the problem, how much it may cost you to fix, and when you need to replace the entire system.

5. Sewer or septic system inspection

Bearing in mind that you will be moving into a house that you’ve never lived in before, an inspection of the sewer would be very significant. With the recent technology, the process has been very simple as it calls for the insertion of a digital camera into the sewer line. A reputable inspection company like Arnold Investigative Engineering is will well-equipped with up-to-date technology and will effortlessly yet thoroughly inspect your sewer system. So contact today for an amazing deal on your home inspections.

One of the most important things of hiring home inspection services is the need for professional assistance. The building inspector will always be there to provide both professional and precise advice that you can rely on. Home inspections are very important in helping you avoid any future risks by keeping you aware of the actual condition of the building.

Good luck with your new home!


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