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Marc Arnold

My Resume


Mr. Arnold’s expertise includes forensic inspections of thousands of residential, commercial and
industrial buildings and infrastructure over the previous 30 plus years. These inspections included
assessments of structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical aspects and systems. He has provided
extensive plans and specifications for rehabilitation of existing building and infrastructure improvements
and repairs. He is a recognized Building Code interpretation and compliance expert in regards to the
International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) published Building Codes. Hence he was
appointed to an ICBO examination development committee responsible for preparation of testing material for ICBO professional members and inspectors.


University of Texas at Austin


B.S Architectural Engineering/Construction Management, 1982


General Business/Real Estate/Surveying – Austin Community College at Austin


Professional Registrations:

  • Professional Civil Engineer, Texas, No. 77274

  • Texas Real Estate Commission Professional Inspector, No. 852

  • Building Inspection Engineering Certification Institute:
    Board Certified Building Inspection Engineer

  • Texas Structural Pest Control Board:
    Licensed Wood Destroying Insect Inspector No. 30707T

  • International Code Council:
    Appointed ICC Code Council Examination Develop Committee 2004
    Master Code Professional No. 5177511 – MP
    Building Code Official No. 5177511 – B6
    Building Inspector No. 5177511 – B5
    Building Plans Examiner No. 5177511 – B3
    Combination Inspector No. 5117511 – C8
    Combination Plans Examiner No. 5177511 – C3
    Residential Electrical Inspector No. 5177511 – E1
    Electrical Inspector No. 5177511 – E5
    Commercial Electrical Inspector No. 5177511 – E2
    Electrical Code Official No. 5177511 – E6
    Electrical Plans Examiner No. 5177511 – E3
    Mechanical Inspector No. 5177511 – M5
    Mechanical Code Official No. 5177511 – M6
    Mechanical Plans Examiner No. 5177511 – M3
    Plumbing Inspector No. 5177511 – P5
    Plumbing Code Official No. 5177511 – P6
    Plumbing Plans Examiner No. 5177511 – P3
    Fire Inspector I No. 5177511 – G6
    Standard Coastal Construction Inspector No. 5177511 – C1


Professional Affiliations:

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